is here to proclaim and reinforce the beauty and greatness of black and brown people.

One day while experiencing “being American while black” I searched to see if the domain, was available. It was not. Neither was the .org. Nor the .us not even the .info. And even more surprisingly, NOTHING was available at these sites. 

These sites really were not sites at all. Just placeholders. Seemingly, as if the intention was so that no one could use these domains to express and promote our beauty as a collective people.

It was hard to get an available domain with BlackIsBeautiful. 

But the .clothing was available. 

What better way to express and promote  our beauty and greatness than SAYING IT WITH YOUR CHEST!

So let’s show “them”. 

Celebrate your Black and Brown-ness (and your down-ness) with us.

Proceeds support the NotYetPro Swim School, a non profit, who has partnered with us to offer free and reduced cost swim lessons to black and brown children in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.